GXB Blockchain Features

The GCBIB world-class Blockchain platform has all the features you’d expect from a cutting-edge
Cryptocurrency provider – plus a whole lot more. Explore the features and benefits of our GXB
Blockhain Platform, and discover how we are building the bridge between traditional finance
and emerging Cryptocurrency markets. All together, nothing compares.

GXB Tokens

Easily purchase your GXB tokens with our ultra-fast Blockchain Platform. You can also transfer any other Cryptocurrencies to us and we will convert into GXB tokens for you.

Blockchain Platform

Our GXB Algorithm is the first Blockchain Platform to allow more than 10 million transactions per second – much faster than any other Blockchain provider.

Savings Account

A savings account designed to securely store your GXB Cryptocurrency, in the same way as traditional bank savings accounts.

GCBIB Digital Wallet

We offer a secure digital wallet that can hold up to 25 different Cryptocurrencies. The wallet software is frequently updated to meet the highest standards of safety and security.

Crypto to Fiats Currency Conversion

GCBIB allows customers to convert any of the top Cryptocurrencies to Fiat through a seamless and hassle-free process, currently not offered by traditional banking institutions.

Low Transaction Cost

Start trading your GXB tokens with the lowest transaction fees on the market.


GXB Blockchain for Business

Unlock your future business potential with our complete GXB Blockchain solution
for Business. Our Blockchain is the fastest and most scalable Platform in the world,
enabling you to instantly take real-time digital payments and easily manage your account
from anywhere in the world.

Crypto Payment Gateway

GCBIB will soon be launching the option to accept Crypto payments through an online payment gateway that accepts payments from digital wallets as well as credit/debit cards.

PoS Payment Integration

Our integrated software solution allows existing PoS systems to accept Crypto as a form of payment, either through credit/debit cards or digital wallets.

Spend Analyser

Our Spend Analyzer is an algorithmic tool that tracks and monitors spending patterns, whilst providing useful insights on planning and preparing future budgets.

How it Works

Learn how the GXB Blockchain is used to create instant and secure tokens, how the tokens are then allocated and how you can manage them directly from your online account. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Purchase GXB tokens directly on the GXB Platform, or transfer your existing Cryptocurrency to GCBIB.


GCBIB allocates your new GXB tokens to your account, or converts any transferred Cryptocurrency into GXB tokens.


Manage your GXB tokens using your online ccount, including monitoring the market and seamlessly converting to other currencies.

We support the following Cryptocurrencies: